Дані з інвестиційних проектів та залучення інвестицій, кредитів та грантів для реалізації проектів з питань, що належать до компетенції МТОТ

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Research and analysis of information from open sources shows that in Ukraine in April alone more than 210 situations were recorded that indicate a polarization tensions in society, illegal handling of weapons as a conflicts solution and use of various mechanisms, that destabilize the situation in society through reports of pseudo-mining
The ports of the temporarily occupied Crimea* and the Russian Federation located in the Black Sea Basin suffered loss of more than 760 million rubles in 2018
During April, 1 126 100people crossed the contact line in the east of Ukraine in both directions. 872 900 out of them- through the EECP in Donetsk oblast, 253 200 people – through the EECP «Stanytsia Luhanska»
During April 2019, 141 501 people and 22 981 vehicles crossed the administrative line in Kherson oblast in both directions