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Last news
Soon, tens of thousands of children will go to schools in Donbas. Their safety depends on how aware they are about safety rules on mines and explosive hazards
Today, on the initiative of MTOT, the Government of Ukraine has made amendments* that will allow to fund activities for the provision of temporary housing for IDPs and to equip Centers for administrative service provision (hereinafter referred to as CASP) in the ratio: 70% from the state budget, 30% from the local budget. Before this, the budget program for such co-funding acted in a ratio of 50/50, so the amount of co-funding of relevant activities from the local budget decreased from 50 to 30%
For the second year in a row, grant project by MTOT «Conflict Response and Recovery Pilot and Capacity Building Project», funded by the World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development), has received a favorable opinion from independent auditors. The conclusion relates to the financial statements for this Project, including financial condition of the Project, sources and use of funds
At MTOT 450 information panels and hazard signs were handed over to companies in the East of Ukraine