Звіти, в тому числі щодо задоволення запитів на інформацію
Інформація про роботу зі зверненнями громадян
Інформація про роботу із запитами на інформацію
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The implementation of the MTOT and the World Bank project on psychosocial assistance to the population affected by the conflict continues in Luhansk oblast. The Minister Vadym Chernysh observed how training of specialists is going and the first results of the project
In 2014, with the beginning of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation in the East of Ukraine, Luhansk oblast was on the verge of energy crisis. Luhansk Thermal Power Station remained the only source of electricity; it is situated practically on the contact line. In such conditions stable functioning of Luhansk Thermal Power Station is under constant threat, and in the absence of emergency power generators proper power supply of oblast is under high risk. The situation is complicated by the fact that Luhansk oblast became the “energy island” and practically was not connected to the United Energy System of Ukraine
Live, TV channel UA: DONBAS, Vadym Chernysh, Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine, and Yevhen Kaplin, coordinator of the non-governmental organization «Proliska», talked about Donbas demining operation, what kind of assistance can be provided for persons affected by mines and explosive remnants of war hazards, how much money is allocated for demining operation and other questions
Occupation administrations managed by the Russian Federation continue to destroy Donbas coal industry. Despite their permanent reports on the commissioning of new coalfaces and mine lines on occupied territories swift reduction of coal output volumes concurrently with closing, liquidation and combination of enterprises is observed