Звітність про виконання програмних документів

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During September, 1 180 400 people crossed the contact line in the East of Ukraine in both directions. 865 800 out of them - through the EECP in Donetsk Oblast, 314 600 people - through the EECP «Stanytsia Luhanska»
During September 2019, 323 345 people and 42 272 vehicles crossed the administrative line in Kherson Oblast in both directions
The work and infrastructure of EECPs and the issues of transporting goods through them, the need to encourage young persons from temporarily occupied territories to enter Ukrainian educational institutions, the provision of medical services in the frontline areas in the East of Ukraine ‒ these and other issues were raised by Minister Oksana Koliada during working visit to Luhansk Oblast
During the presentation of yet another round of research of the International Organization for Migration (hereinafter referred to as «IOM») on the situation of IDPs in Ukraine, the reintegration of internally displaced persons into communities and ensuring all the rights of citizens living in temporarily occupied territories, as well as their reintegration into the legal and cultural space of Ukraine is one of the strategic goals of the Ministry according to Oksana Koliada