#Я_Знаю_Героя is a flashmob founded by the Ministry for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine (hereinafter the «MTOT») is designed to show that in Ukraine there are many people that despite the circumstances war and occupation - find the strength not only to live and achieve success, but also to selflessly help others, to engage in social and volunteer activities

#Я_Знаю_Героя tell Ukraine and the world about people you admire.

Everyone can share such a story about people they know, friends and relatives, or public people that prompt admiration by filling out a form on a specially created website: https://heroes.mtot.gov.ua/i-know-hero/ After the pre-moderation, stories appear in the corresponding section of the site. Only in a week more than 50 of such stories were published.

Among them there are many stories about people who, after moving from the temporarily occupied part of  Donbas or Crimea, managed to start a new life in a new place, create a new business, and sometimes even find the strength to help other people by working in non-governmental organizations. Here are a few of such stories:

Vasil Holoborodko is a world-famous poet, who was and still is called the most likely Nobel laureate in literature for Ukraine, was forced to move from Luhansk, where he lived before the war. Now he is working on his books already in Irpen (Kyiv oblast), creating a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian literature and its modern presentation in the world.

Svitlana Kuzina happily lived with her husband-serviceman in Crimea, but after the annexation she could no longer stay there and moved with her family to Chernihiv. She is actively engaged in social activities and has already brought into life many national-patriotic projects on a volunteer basis.

Daria Kasianova from the first days of the war was fully involved in mission of saving civilians, primarily helping to evacuate children from boarding schools, orphans deprived of parental care. In general, due to her 40 000 people were evacuated, of which 12 000 children including from boarding schools in Donetsk oblast.

The rest of stories from users can be found at: https://heroes.mtot.gov.ua/stories/.

Remember that the flashmob #Я_Знаю_Героя is a continuation of the social and information project #ГЕРОЇНАШИХСЕРДЕЦЬ, recently launched by the Ministry for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons.

At the heart of the project are videos of real stories of 9 heroes whose lives were changed due to the war in the East and the occupation of Crimea. But they didn’t choose path of revenge and despair. They are already changing the history and step by step building peaceful future.

The project HEROES OF OUR HEARTS is implemented with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Briefly about «Heroes of our hearts» stories can be viewed at the link: https://mtot.gov.ua/ua/geroii-nashih-serdec.